Republican Party Is Shortsighted, President Says

07 Sept 06

Robert Kocharyan thinks that the Republican Party is an organization of
shortsighted figures. At least, Robert Kocharyan thought so in February
2000, asserted Hmayak Hovanisyan September 7, 2006. The member of
parliament announced that in 1998 people relied on Karen Demirchyan
and the People’s Party he had set up. To emphasize his importance,
Hmayak Hovanisyan even announced that at that time one needed his
signature to be admitted to this political party. Hmayak Hovanisyan
says if the People’s Party had not been the only positive force in
those years, Vazgen Sargsyan would not have united the Republican
Party with the People’s Party to save his image.

"I was the only person who was against setting up the alliance of
Unity," says Hmayak Hovanisyan, mentioning that not only he but also
President Kocharyan had a bad opinion about the Republican Party.

"You can find it out, on TV, he said this in late February 2000 that
the Republicans are shortsighted, whereas there are bright figures in
the People’s Party, etc," says Hmayak Hovanisyan, emphasizing that
Robert Kocharyan said this before the historical moment of March
3 when Stepan Demirchyan, Andranik Margaryan and Gagik Jhangiryan
offered an ultimatum to the president, demanding the resignation of
Serge Sargsyan, the head of his administration.

Hmayak Hovanisyan tells his history saying that it should also be
a lesson for Serge Sargsyan, who joins the Republican Party and
endangers his reputation instead of thinking about improving his image.