The State Of The Media According To The Osce Official

9 Aug 06

Armenia made considerable progress in improving the legislation on
the media, runs the report of Miklos Haraszti, OSCE Representative
on Freedom of the Media, reports the news agency ARKA. Haraszti’s
report is based on his visit to Armenia several months ago. Haraszti
says democratization of the media in Armenia is underway, however
the sphere of broadcasting must reflect political and social pluralism.

He thinks that the state of the media in Armenia needs improvement.

The OSCE representative thinks that pluralism is found only in the
press, which has a small circulation.

The lack of pluralism in television is a highly serious problem,
Miklos Haraszti thinks, because the mass media do not give objective
information to the public. The OSCE representative mentioned in
the report that the cases of violence against news reporters are
not many. He also emphasizes that for the past few years no actions
were brought against the media for libel. Haraszti also notices that
despite the adoption of the law on freedom of information, for news
reporters information often remains unaccessible because the law is
not applied duly.

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