Statistics Of All-Armenian Admittance Exams

9 Aug 06

On August 8, with still 8 days to go until the end of admittance exams,
the Republic Admittance Commission published statistics of the first
20 days of admittance exams in 2006. The facts were presented by
the secretary of the commission Sasun Melikyan and the head of the
Calculation Center Ruben Topchyan.

The statistics is ordinary. The secretary and the "chief accountant"
to put it so, say the statistics is normal compared with the previous
years. 25 625 exams were held from July 20 to August 7, 23 509
applicants showed up. Compared with the past 6-7 years, 8 percent
absentees is a normal index, Ruben Topchyan says. He says mainly
applicants from rural areas do not attend the exams because at the
last moment they feel that they are not ready and want to work for
some more days. Ruben Topchyan says he has statistical data, which
support his words and will gladly provide it to everyone who doubts
that the absentees are mainly from rural areas. And the doubters are
mainly news reporters who were the first to hear Topchyan’s observation
about the rural origin of absentees.

Before and maybe afterwards too most news reporters, as well as
the majority of the public believe that mainly those applicants do
not show up who are going to enter the university by the biographic
achievements of their parents rather than their knowledge. They do not
show up at the exams in the beginning and wait until the picture of
the competition becomes more or less clear and it is easier to state
how many points they need for the first places in the competition or
scholarship. They use different methods, including health problems
and lost documents.

Sasun Melikyan, the secretary of the Republic Admittance Commission
says on the first 20 days the exams of 43 applicants were postponed
for help problems, and almost this much for lost documents. There
were 56 cases of being late for the exams. Sasun Melikyan says he
does not think that the exams postponed for health problems have not
been taken yet, because the exam must be taken within 5 days after
recovery. But it is possible that the applicant has not recovered
yet or will just start recovering.

6501 applicantsa got high marks, 18-20, from 25 625 exams. The better
reasults in English and Armenian remain, compared with the previous
years. The results are lower in mathematics, physics and the Armenian
history. Nobody got 20 points in chemistry, biology, Armenian history,
general history, geography, oral French, oran Russian and Italian,

Ruben Topchyan says there were 1046 appeals as of August 8. In 263
cases the marks were increased, including 123 cases when the results
were 18-20 points. In two appeals the marks were inreased by 6-8
points. The mark of one test were decreased. Ruben Topchyan says last
year there were more cases when the marks of tests were made lower.

There were 95 second appeals, the marks remained the same for 75 cases,
in four tests the results were made lower by 0.5-1 point, the mark was
increased by 0.5-1 point in 16 tests. Sasun Melikyan says this year the
cases of second appeal went down 3 times. Nevertheless, accepting the
explanation of Sasun Melikyan, it should not be excluded either that
the experience of the previous years showed it is no use appealing.