"It’s Difficult To Take People’s Votes"

Margaret Yesayan

05 Aug 06

"People’s deputy" group member Hakob Hakobian thinks.

* Mr. Hakobian, what did make you join "Republican" Party being a
non-party politician before when it was speaking about Â"People’s
deputyÂ" group and "Union in Favor Armenia" close collaboration?

* It isn’t secret that according to the new "electoral Code" the number
of deputies who are elected in majority system reduces. Eight years
of parliamentary work experience showed that you must represent any
political power for your effective activities. After long and detailed
discussions we, the members of "People’s deputy" group decided to
join the "Republican". And nowadays, 10 members of the group from 16
are RPA members.

* For your decision, Lyova Khachatrian and Vahram Baghdasarian found
themselves in a tight corner.

* I have with friendly relations and it will never prevent coming
political fight.

* There are affirmations that some politicians join that party not
for love of Njdeh but the problem of solving own problems.

* I don’t know who and what will lose, but I know a thing: I
have taken part in three elections and my rival has always been
Republican. I haven’t lost anything, I have acquired what I have
and they shouldn’t declare if a person isn’t a politician or doesn’t
represent any party he is unable to achieve anything. It isn’t so,
as we have 15020 thousands of people who are engaged in a serious
business, pay taxes to the state.

* Would you and the members from your group join Republican if the
defense minister didn’t join?

* Defense minister hasn’t discussed that question with us.

"People’s deputy" group has made that decision.

* In your opinion, what kind will elections 2007 be, especially when
we used to see rigged and unfair elections for many years.

Now it is obvious that the fight will pass between authority powers,
it seems there is no place for the opposition.

* I think the opposition is the part of authority, and there are two
ways for authority reproduction: elections or revolution. We have
chosen the election, and both the authority and the opposition must
be reproduced. Of course, we need in people’s vote for reproduction
but it isn’t so easy. People know very well in favor of whom they
must vote. In general, I don’t believe in fair elections, just the
U.S. last elections showed that there aren’t fair elections as the
U.S. people were dissatisfied.

Thousands of people who vote can’t be mistaken, thousands of people
who work in the commissions also can’t be mistaken.

People must vote themselves to understand what to expect from their

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