Life Prisoners Are Dissatisfied

01 Aug 06

The working group of the Office of the Defender of Human Rights of
Armenia met July 31 with a group of life prisoners at the Nubarashen
jail. The office of the ombudsman undertook this visit on learning
that life prisoners went on a hunger strike in a protest against the
conditions of the penitentiary. The office of the defender of human
rights told the news agency ARKA that during the meeting these life
prisoners complained of their verdict, as well as the way they are
treated in the penitentiary.

Taking into consideration the complaints, the leadership of the
penitentiary of Nubarashen was instructed to improve the situation,
namely guarantee regular medical aid, rest, as well as objects of
everyday use.

The warden of the penitentiary of Nubarashen Aram Sargsyan promised
to try his best to eliminate these problems. And the working group of
the office of the defender of human rights will assess the situation
during the next visit to the penitentiary.

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