NKR People’s Opiniong Must Be Taken Into Account In Conflict Settlem


Arka News Agency, Armenia
June 26 2006

YEREVAN, June 26. /ARKA/. Karabakh people’s opinion must be taken
into account in Karabakh conflict settlement, Russian political
analyst Victor Nadein-Rayevski said Saturday at a press conference
held in Yerevan.

He is convinced that Karabakh people must decide its own fate and
pointed out that this is the essence of democracy.

Nadein-Rayevski finds it wrong to distance Karabakhi people from
the process of negotiation on the conflict settlement regardless of
whether the republic enjoys international recognition or not.

The political analyst thinks time is needed to comprehend what was
said above. He said the years of the republic’s de-facto independence
have played their role and Karabakh people’s and authorities’ worry
is completely.

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