Karabakh Will Guarantee

Karine Asatryan

[09:23 pm] 26 June, 2006

The delegation of the PACE sub-committee on cultural affairs was
expected to visit the region in late May or in early June must the
visit was postponed. The visit will probably take place in autumn,
Stepan Demirchyan, member of the Armenian delegation to PACE and
leader of the party "Justice" informed.

In the session of the sub-committee today Mr. Demirchyan expressed
readiness on behalf of the Armenian side to support the group and to
provide them with additional materials. "There are no obstacles from
the Armenian side", Stepan Demirchyan said.

By the way, the representatives of the sub-committee expressed wish
to be in Karabakh and asked the Azeri delegate who participated
in the session if they will guarantee their security. The Azeri
delegate pointed at Stepan Demirchyan and asked to turn to him with
that question.

"The authorities of Karabakh will guarantee your security", Stepan
Demirchyan promised.

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