Head Of Police Cannot Do That


18:48 26/06/06

"Now any person can become a victim of some gang in the broad day
light," Ararat Zurabyan, All-Armenian National Movement Board Chairman
said commenting on the incident in Malatia-Sebastia community.

In his words, in civilized countries such an incident would result
in resignation of high rank officials whereas here the relatives of
the innocent victim were not even delivered a condolence.

Speaking about the moral-psychological atmosphere in Armenia, Zurabyan
thinks that such developments will result in the loss of Armenian
statehood. According to him the only way is change of power.

Zurabyan thinks that it is unlikely that the authorities fight against
such incidents "since there are parliamentary elections coming and the
power authorities must cooperate with such criminal elements." In the
words of the orator, these people have helped authorities to manage
demonstrations and they are quite sure that they will stay unpunished.

He is sure in case of will these criminal elements may be unveiled
in two-three days but the "head of the police cannot do that," he said.

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