Isagulyan Told More

06 June 06

The May 20 press conference of Garnik Isagulyan, the adviser to the
president of Armenia, at the Azdak Club remained unnoticed against
the background of outrageous home political developments in Armenia.

Whereas Garnik Isagulyan made a rather significant statement that
President Robert Kocharyan would not run for a third time. Isagulyan
had also denied that the president would try to become prime
minister. Garnik Isagulyan had announced that “in the course of time
it would become clear that these analyses are not true.”

However, the adviser had made another important statement on the
future political career of Robert Kocharyan. Isagulyan announced
that after leaving office he would go on to have great influence on
the Armenian political thought, with a higher status than the post
of prime minister. Isagulyan added that he did not mean a political
post. Besides, the adviser to the president of Armenia announced that
the next preferable presidential candidate is Serge Sargsyan as the
best-prepared figure in the political sphere of Armenia.

Some statements by Garnik Isagulyan are said not to have been
approved by President Robert Kocharyan, and he reprimanded Garnik
Isagulyan. Garnik Isagulyan is said to have broken the initial
arrangement to state only that he would not run a third time. Our
source informed that Robert Kocharyan had authorized his adviser
to announce that he would not run a third time to put an end to the
uncertainty on his further actions in the political sphere. However,
Garnik Isagulyan has, in fact, announced more than he had arranged
with the president of Armenia. This was the cause of irritation of
Robert Kocharyan.