UNSD Finds its Conference Important



[02:23 pm] 02 June, 2006

Leader of the Union for National Self-Determination Paruyr Hayrikyan
decided to represent the summary of the works of the 25th conference
of the UNSD to the society.

The group of specialists prepares a report about the three decisions
adopted during the conference which will be represented to the
presidium for ratification.

The first decision refers to the `criminality of the political
field’. The UNSD will call on all the political powers to unite and
create a political field which does not exist today. The second one
refers to the national anthem of Armenia. Paruyr Hayrikyan mentioned
that he would prefer to take time. `This is not an issue to be solved
in a year. We must preserve the old one until the society gets used to
the new one,’ he said.

And the third refers to the first leader of the UNSD Haykaz
Khachatryan. Paruyr Hayrikyan claims that he must be announced
national hero of Armenia and his ashes must be transferred to the