Bookexpo America 2006 Features “Journey To Karabakh” Author Baraatov

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May 15, 2006

Baratov’s New Book Showcases Armenian History, Culture and Heritage

Washington, DC – Boris Baratov, the acclaimed traveler and writer,
will be featured at this year’s BookExpo America taking place at the
Washington Convention Center this week. Baratov’s new book, “The
Armeniad,” follows the author’s two highly praised works on Karabakh
– “The Angel of Artsakh: Monuments of Armenian Art in Nagorno
Karabakh” and “The Paradise Laid Waste: Journey to Karabakh.”

“It is in examining the past that our contemporary world is able to
gain a glimpse into its future,” said Baratov, commenting on the
driving force behind his new work.

“The Armeniad” is the result of many years of extensive travel and
research in Western Armenia and Cilicia, Iran, Iraq, Germany, France
and Great Britain. Printed in Italy, this richly illustrated volume
(600 color illustrations!) offers a panorama of the civilization of
ancient Armenia. The literary portion of “The Armeniad” is based on
the works of Armenian historians and on the latest research of a
number of European scholars. It tells of the principal stages in the
formation of the Armenian identity and the Armenian civilization in
the mountainous basin of Lake Van, and in the Ararat and Mush
Valleys from the 4th-3rd millennia onwards.

The reader will be able to obtain an impression of a civilization
which has traveled in parallel with the great cultures of Sumer,
Assyria, the Hittite Kingdom, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome and
Byzantium. In leafing through the pages of this book, the reader
will learn of important 19-20th-century archaeological research into
Asia Minor, which uncovered the ‘visible pages’ of the ancient past
to an astounded world.

The BookExpo America 2006 will take place May 19-21 at:

Washington Convention Center
801 Mount Vernon Place, N.W.
Washington, DC 20001

Hours: 9 AM – 6 PM (9 AM -4 PM on Sunday)
Go to: Booth #4652, Hall DE, “Linguist Publishers”

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Editor’s Note: the public can meet the author at the book fare this
week and also contact him directly at (215) 900-5201, fax (215)
639-3013, email: [email protected]
“The Armeniad” can also be ordered online at

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