Armenian Economic Association: To Serve Students, Educators

Email: [email protected]

The Armenian Economic Association (AEA) is a newly formed organization
dedicated to the advancement of Armenian scholarship in economics, finance,
and the related management sciences. It is organized with the student and
educator in mind and its mission is to promote academic excellence.

Through its web site (), AEA provides online teaching resources
such as lecture notes and textbooks. These may go a long way in tackling the
widespread shortage of textbooks in Armenia, particularly at the graduate
level. The site also provides guides to writing term and research papers, as
well as links to relevant research on Armenia.

In addition to the teaching materials, the site contains economic databases
as well as links to a number of raw survey data. The goal is to make data on
economic activity in Armenia accessible to researchers with minimum search
time and at no cost. Most importantly, the site gives writers and
researchers the opportunity to post their research and working papers online
for the widest possible dissemination prior to their submission to journals
and presentation at conferences. It is hoped that this visibility may
enhance the recognition of the authors’ works, and potentially lead to
collaborations among various researchers.

How can AEA help you: If you are a student and in need of textbook or
reading materials, then visit the “Online Resources” page of the web site.
Also visit the same page if you are writing a research paper or need to
review existing research on Armenia. Visit the “Data” section if you need
data on economic activity (GDP, exports, etc.) or if you need survey data
for more in depth analysis of business and household behavior. If you have
written a paper and would like to disseminate it and solicit feedback, then
visit the “Working Papers” page and follow the instructions for submissions.
Note that access from outside Armenia is at times slow.

How you can help: If you are an educator, then consider having your lecture
notes posted online and share your knowledge. If you have an expertise in a
particular field and are familiar with research data sources, then please
help update the data sources. If you are a good writer, then consider
helping some of the young authors in having their manuscript edited and
proofread in preparation for submission to journals and presentation at

The AEA is envisioned to have a structure similar to that of many
associations with membership and elected board members. As AEA evolves, your
comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.