Political Will


07 April 06

Passionate speeches of the authority about corruption, GRECO and
GOPAC, seminars and conferences will give results only in a case if
the authority and all official and non official structures want indeed
to realize that fight. It is spoken of «political
will». But just its demonstration seems to me from the sphere
of fantastic.

Let’s observe some characteristic cases. I’m one of the officials of
the ruling clique of the country and support the business of
destroying the House of Cinematography and Writers and building a
multistory building instead. I have supported such business for the
last 3-4 years and earned millions. Why should I display a `political
will’ and won’t earn next million and not support for destroying for
example Opera House or Matenadaran.

Or, for example, I’m a chief of `cadastre’ or `tax service’ and drive
a car which I can’t buy by my 300 year celery. What can me make
display a ` political will’ and not to change my `Mercedes’ with

Or, I’m a principal of a school and make the teacher gather money from
the parents of pupils. Where should I find a `will’ inside me not to
do it?

Especially when I’m very important person for the ruling clique
because as the chairman of regional commission, I take part actively
in the falsification of elections.

We approached to a problem in solving which we need in a political
will. It is said that the authorities should display political will
for holding fair elections. But it is as unreal as the case of
corruption is. If I’m an oligarch and fill a post, I’m a wealthy
person and have businesses, why should I refuse of all these for the
reason that some people fill some papers into ballot boxes. I will do
everything for being reelected and for the candidate of the authority
become the president.

In short if a person have something it is excluded that he will
display a will for refusing of it. If certainly he isn’t mad and isn’t
under influence of Tolstoy’s heroes. But those persons are very few in
all over the world.

Aram Abrahamian

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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