Who Are The Judges?


| 15:30:15 | 10-10-2005 | Politics |

Today the Judge’s Union said “Yes” unanimously (according to David
Avetisyan who presided over the session) to the Constitutional
reforms. Today there were 174 members of the Union in the Government
session hall in order to find out the attitude of the judicial branch
of power to the draft constitution.

According to the RA Justice Minister David Haroutyunyan, “It is
high time we revised our approach to the independence of judicial
power”. The Minister expressed disappointment that the draft fails
to refer to several extremely important issues. He did not mentioned
which one exactly he means, but mentioned his liking for another
clause of the draft – that of the sovereignty of the judicial power.

Ombudsman Larissa Alaverdyan mentioned that “It is not possible
to speak about the defense of human rights in Armenia as there
are problems with free and fair court processes”. Nevertheless,
according to her, “the work is mainly positive”. At the end of the
speech Mrs. Alaverdyan greeted the members of the Union as her future

According to the Head of the Court of Appeal Hovhannes Manoukyan,
the issue of constitutional reforms rose because of human rights. He
said that from the judicial point of view the draft constitution is
almost ideal.

And judge of the RA Economic Court Anatoly Matevosyan voiced hope that
the referendum “will be held free, fair and without forgeries”. “I
call everyone to say “Yes” to the draft and to participate actively
in the preaching”, he said.

By the way, today the judges and the members of the Union also
discussed the Judge manners code where there are such lines, “The
Judge has to take measures to enrich his knowledge”.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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