Scientists Complain Of Privatization


| 16:52:58 | 10-10-2005 | Social |

The work of the “General and Inorganic Chemistry Institute” has been
ceased for the last days. The problem is that the municipality has
sold the majority of the land belonging to the Institute. The Institute
staff tried to struggle against the unlawful act, but applying to the
three court instances was no use. Today the Institute staff intends
to organize a sit-down strike opposite the President’s residence.

The General and Inorganic Chemistry Institute had 5 hectares of
land which was a must for the Institute as s sanitary and security
zone. “In the Institute chemical experiments are realized”, said head
of the Institute Sevan Davtyan.

By this decision the Institute was factually deprived of the security
zone and hence of the possibility to realize secure experiments. “This
means the beginning of the end”, noted the head of the Institute
who is a doctor-professor of Chemical sciences. He realizes that if
they start to build luxury mansions in the security zone (some have
already been built), the Institute will be deprived of its building
in the closest future.

The Institute engages in the investigation of the lithosphere and
processes different technologies. Part of the work realized by
the Institute is used in the military field. Some of them are also
important for jeweler’s art which has been recognized as a prior
branch of economy by Robert Kocharyan.

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