Armenian-Georgian Commission Next Sitting to Be Held Spring 2006

Pan Armenian News


29.09.2005 12:39

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Coordinated and important decisions were taken during the
4-th sitting of the Armenian-Georgian intergovernmental commission on
economic cooperation held in Yerevan today, Georgian Prime Minister Zurab
Nogaideli stated during the press conference upon completion of the sitting.
He marked out several important lines that were discussed during the
sitting. `First of all it is trade. Both parties supported consolidation of
economic ties. Georgia cancelled transit highway-user tax early this year
and today we agreed that Armenia will make analogous decision as regards
Georgia. This move will promote the growth of commodity turnover between
Armenia and Georgia,’ he said. `Presently we are discussing the possibility
of opening new highway, railway and air communication lines in two
directions Yerevan-Tbilisi and Yerevan-Batumi. We fully support the creation
of alternative transport ties for Armenia including the restoration of
Kars-Gyumri railway communication,’ emphasized Zurab Nogaideli. He informed
that during the sitting the commission touched upon tourism development as
well. `We were glad to learn that 12 thousand Armenians had a rest at the
Georgian coast of the Black Sea this year. We are also pleased that Armenian
investors pay attention to the resort infrastructure in Adjaria’, he said
adding that some important decisions were taken in energy sphere as well. In
this view he specified two directions. `First, we have not coordinated
Georgia’s debt for the energy supplied by Armenia yet. Second, an investment
program targeted at construction of a high-voltage power line that will
allow to increase the export of Armenian to Georgia should be discussed,’
the Georgian Premier said. `Besides, we have considered the possibility of
opening a joint Georgian-Armenian university in Georgia. Next year we are
launching an efficient investment program in Samtskhe Javakhetia. The
program includes building of a highway connecting the region with Tbilisi,
Armenia and Turkey. Being a highway of international motor communication it
will attract investments to the economy of the region. Next year we are
launching a project targeted at repairing of Georgian schools including the
schools in Javakhetia. The Armenian government will co-finance the repair of
village schools of Ninotsminda and Akhalkalaki regions,’ the Georgian
Premier stated. He also informed that the next sitting of the
Armenian-Georgia commission on economic cooperation will be held next spring
in Batumi. `I attach great attention to the development of business
cooperation between the commercial structures of Georgia and Armenia. I will
by all means contribute to the consolidation of ties and creation of an
economic system promoting efficient activities of Armenian and Georgian
entrepreneurs’, Zurab Nogaideli resumed.

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