System Of A Down, Plant Rock Edmonton


Edmonton Journal, Canada
Sept 19 2005

They’re being hailed as the most relevant rock group today.

Los Angeles-based thrash rockers System of a Down mix Armenian
folk music with heavy metal to produce a political and irreverent
combination of mesmerising rhythms and, surprisingly, operatic vocals.

The quartet, all of whom are originally form Armenia, rock Edmonton’s
Rexall Place Tuesday night. Tickets are still available.

Journal rock music writer Sandra Sperounes says their last two albums
propelled them from underground status to the mainstream.

Sperounes: “To me they are the most important band in rock music
today. They are not afraid to be political. They are not afraid
to be irreverent. They are like no one else out there. They don’t
follow trends.”

As with many of today’s angry young artists, George W. Bush’s war in
Iraq has provided them a receptive audience for their message.

Sperounes: “Their first single asks the question: Why do the poor
always go to war?”

Her interview with drummer John Dollmayan, a former Canadian, will
run in Tuesday’s Journal.

They are the second big act in the city this week.

Former Led Zeppelin shrieker Robert Plant is at Rexall Place tonight.

Ticket sales have been lagging.

Sperounes: “He’s a tremendous live performer.”

Watch for her reviews of Plant and System of a Down in Tuesday’s and
Wednesday’s Journal.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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