CANADA: Armenia Joins International Dairy Federation

Sept 20 2005

The International Dairy Federation has announced the accession of
Armenia, its 42nd member, at its General Assembly in Vancouver.

Armenia is a country with a very ancient dairying history, the IDF
said. The famous tradition of dairying in the Caucasus region began
some 2000 years ago with the preparation of fermented milk mainly on
the basis of ewes’ milk.

Armenia, as a former Soviet republic, participated in the activities
of IDF for many decades. The country suffered from a major earthquake
that destroyed large parts of the infrastructure, including the dairy
sector, almost completely in 1988. It took several years to rebuild
infrastructure and electricity supply.

The newly formed Armenian National Committee comprises members
representing dairy production, processors, education, consumers and
government. Ashot Apoyan, has been appointed to take the lead and will
occupy the position of the first president of the Armenian National
Committee IDF.

Armenia also gains access to IDF’s worldwide network of 1200 leading
experts in all aspects of dairying.

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