Report of OSCE PA Karabakh rapprteur made public


PanArmenian News Network
July 19 2005

19.07.2005 03:04

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ The OSCE PA Secretariat has made public the report
of Nagorno Karabakh conflict rapporteur Goran Lennmarker Invaluable
Opportunity – Some Considerations over the Nagorno Karabakh Conflict.
The mentioned report was considered in the course of the OSCE PA
July session in Washington. It received a considerable response
in both Armenia and Azerbaijan. The report notes that “the parties
have quite difference interpretations of history.” Thus an impartial
“committee on establishment of the truth and reconciliation” should
try to come to a common and unbiased understanding of the past. It is
especially important to those, who suffered and is trying to attain
justice. G. Lennmarker proposed using European integration experience
in settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict. Specifically, the
need of taking into account four conditions is mentioned. First:
the participating countries should realize that nothing threatens
their national security. Having a neighbor feeling safe means to
provide for one’s own security. Second: democracy, human rights and
minority rights highest standards should be observed. Non-democratic
governments are in essence unstable. Third: economic integration
provides for common strong mutual dependency on the basis of mutual
prosperity. It is the most reliable foundation for development, as
it refers to all the population. There are no reasons for citizens
of Armenia and Azerbaijan not being able to have a deserving European
standard of life. In G. Lennmarker’s opinion, Armenia and Azerbaijan
along with Georgia could try to form a joint security, democracy and
prosperity zone. Simultaneously, at least in the transition period
inspection system of demilitarized zones will be crucial. To that end
as well as to ensure monitoring and security in NK and surrounding
territories international preventive forces may be formed. As
noted by the document, restoration of roads and rail communications
linking Armenia and Azerbaijan are of exceptional importance. Lasting
ties between Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh, as well as Nakhichevan
and Azerbaijan should be established. Touching upon NK status G.
Lennmarker notes that Armenia and Azerbaijan finding a solution based
on common integration will much simplify the search for a solution
of the issue. In case of opening borders and forming an integrated
economy, the role of control over the territory will lose the former
importance. Thereupon, fewer disputes will arouse. Simultaneously,
Mr. Lennmarker reminded that Azerbaijan would like to provide highest
autonomy that exists in the world to NK.” “NK has to be provided an
opportunity to preserve its identity, and its populations has to be
convinced its rights will be protected by a reliable and independent
legal system within Azerbaijan. To secure any type of highest degree
of autonomy considerable financial support is necessary, which will
create additional obligations on the national budget of Azerbaijan,”
the document notes.

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