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Hungary : false «Chechen refugees” from «Rusmartan»

Kavkaz Center, Turkey
July 18 2005

We appeal to everybody: journalists, independent legal organizations,
our fellow countrymen – respond!

We are refugees from the Chechen Republic . In April, 2002, we were
refused in granting of a refuge and we had to leave. But it is natural,
by prints of fingers, they found out, that Hungary was our first “safe
country” and sent us back. Now we are refused again, in spite of the
fact that we had handed over our passports and birth certificates.

They refused because of: 1). “The application was written too
competently”. 2). “All Chechens are separatists and gangsters”,
including my husband.

At the same time the status of refugees was granted to 6 people,
who ostensibly had arrived from the Chechen Republic . One Slav woman
continuously drank, in turns “married” all Africans, who lived in the
camp, was walking half-naked. When we asked her, why she dishonored
Chechens, she damned us and the whole Chechen Republic together with
us. Now she is in Britain , before departure, drunk, she admitted,
that she had never been in the Chechen Republic . There are also 5
more people – Armenians. All of them told us that they had never been
in the Chechen Republic . They were not asked any question concerning
the Chechen Republic at the interview.

When we were refused, many people, who had lived here for 7-10 years
came up to us and said, that for this time the status of a refugee was
received only by one Chechen woman. She struggled, wrote complaints
and achieved the positive decision. Except for her, for last 7 years
the STATUS of a REFUGEE was not received by ANY CHECHEN. But many
false “Chechens” received it. The most interesting thing is that they
know it well in the immigration service. We talked to one employee,
who admitted it. Except for it we carried out a small investigation
and this is what we have learnt. Before us Chechen Musa lived in
the camp, an invalid with one leg. Some Armenians and Georgians was
received the status of a refugee as “refugees from the Chechen Republic
“. Musa was refused of it. The person with destroyed mentality, after
a contusion, made the protest against this lawlessness as he could,
arranged scandals. He was deprived of meal; he was not let into the
dining room. Somehow he managed to leave for Austria illegally before
he starved to death.

Refugees appeal to a policeman, if they do not know the address of
the reception point in any European country. The greatest, in a day
people are sent to the places for refugees. Here in Hungary , people
are sent to prison. There they spend from 9 months up to 3, 5 years.
They are treated like animals. They are beaten: soldiers (as the prison
is in department of custom police) have beaten one African with feet
to death before the eyes of three children (3, 6 and 9 years old)
and their mother. And one Armenian family was kept in prison for
1, 5 years. According to their stories, there were many Chechens
there. One guy Aslan, as a token of protest, got a little gasoline,
poured it over on himself and set fire. Certainly, they protested
against this lawlessness, therefore they were treated in the worst
way. They said, that when the first aid was approaching the prison,
everybody knew, that soldiers again had beaten Chechens. It happened
in prison Nyrbator. But the same stories can be heard from the people,
who had been set free from other prisons as well.

But such happens not only in prisons, but also here, in the camp for
refugees. On the 20 th of June, 2005 , a refugee from Turk was beaten
by security guards with feet so, that the person became an invalid, he
has an amnesia. He was beaten because he did not understand Hungarian
(!). Next day his neighbor in the room, who had tried to help him to
take a medical document about beatings, also was beaten. People are
offended, humiliated, they can even strike a woman, push her. There is
no sense to complain to the administration. We wrote an application,
collected 38 signatures (there are a little bit more than 100 people
in the camp). All of us were called, threatened to deprive of social
money (2500 HUF = 10 EURO). After that I personally took letters to
Budapest for the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the government. 2
months passed, but they have not sent even a formal reply.

I bought from one woman a copy of the police report addressed to
(ATTENTION!): “Alieva Bela” born in 1992; Chechenia; Rusmartan (?!)
(Probably, it means Urus-Martan); her father-Chechen was ostensibly
kidnapped by “Vahhabists” (?!). She was caught in the shop “Tesco”,
city Debrecen , and adventures of this speculator and self-appointed
“Chechen” is one more minus for us, Chechens. Babaev (?!) Ruslan
(his father also a ~SChechen~T) received the status of a refugee
together with them, his real name is Ruben, and he also was arrested
for several times for a theft in shops (…).

Bella for several times asked the name of my son, whether the name
MAGOMED is so rare in the Chechen Republic and if they had lived in
“Rusmartan” for 10 years, she could have heard this name though once.
Also I have copies of their real passports. According to them,
Bella’s mother did not live in Yerevan for only 5 years from her 50,
when she was in prison in Ukraine for swindles.

Everybody, who can give any information, help us with arrival of a
commission, journalists (independent), TV, newspapers, write to us
to the E – MAIL: [email protected]


From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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