ANKARA: F.M. Gul Offers His Condolences To Wife Of Taschji

Anatolian Times, Turkey
Turkish Press
June 26 2005

F.M. Gul Offers His Condolences To Wife Of Taschji

ANKARA – Turkish Foreign Minister & Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah
Gul sent a message to Mary Taschji and offered his condolences upon
demise of Edward Taschji, an Armenian friend of Turkey.

In his message, Gul said, ”the relentless efforts and extensive
contribution of Mr. Taschji in bringing about a better understanding
between the Turkish and Armenian peoples will always be remembered
and appreciated.”

”His courage and dedication to this cause was an inspiration for the
Turkish Americans. His lifetime contribution to the efforts of the
associations founded by the Turkish-Americans as well as for the
enhancement of Turkish-American relations will also be reminisced
dearly,” he added.

Taschji, who defended Turkish thesis against allegations about
so-called Armenian genocide, passed away in New York on June 22nd.

He was responsible for public affairs at the Federation of
Turkish-American Associations for the last 20 years.

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