ANKARA: “Armenian Atrocity” Exhibition Opens In Germany

Anatolian Times, Turkey
June 26 2005

“Armenian Atrocity” Exhibition Opens In Germany

BREMEN – “Armenian Atrocity Exhibition“ has opened in Bremen,
Germany on Saturday as a result of initiatives of several Turkish
non-governmental organizations.
Visitors observed a minute of silence in memory of Turkish people who
were massacred by Armenian gangs during the era of the Ottoman

There are many documents and photographs in the exhibition: “The
Other Side of the Coin“ showing Armenian atrocity against Turkish

Turkish Consul General in Hannover Birgen Kesoglu said, “the events
in 1915 caused bitter grief among both Turkish and Armenian peoples.
Republic of Turkey has nothing to be ashamed of in its history.
Documents and photographs in this exhibition are the proofs of that.
Unfortunately, the Armenian diaspora has been trying to deceive the
world public opinion with its baseless allegations.“

The exhibition will remain open till June 30th.

A panel discussion will be held during the exhibition on so-called
Armenian genocide.

Meanwhile, a demonstration will take place in Bremen on July 2nd to
protest allegations about so-called Armenian genocide.

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