Armenian Delegation Calls on Young Turks To Recognize The Genocide


YEREVAN, JUNE 23, NOYAN TAPAN. “Our struggle is first of all aimed
against Turkish government that is doing its best in order that its
society and, in particular, youth, shouldn’t know the historic truth,”
Zinavor Meghrian, representative of ARF Dashnaktsutiun party’s youth
wing, declared at the June 23 press conference dedicated to the
results of the international youth conference on problems of national
minorities that was held lately in Istanbul. According to him, the
Turks’ inflexible attitude to the issue of recognition of Armenian
Genocide is explained by the position of some Armenian politicians.

Thus, Sargis Asatrian, Chairman of the Youth Party of Armenia, in
particular, declared during his visit to Turkey that Armenia has no
problems with today’s Turkey. According to Z.Meghrian, proceeding from
such statements Turks propagandize the idea of non-participation of RA
Armenians in the issue of recognition of Armenian Genocide. According
to this point of view, the initiative in the issue belongs to the
Diasporan Armenians. According to him, in conversations with
representatives of Turkish press it was found out that the latters
were misinformed about a number of issues concerning Armenian-Turkish
relations. In particular, the Turkish journalists declared that the
Armenian-Turkish border was closed by Armenians. Zinavor Meghrian
reported that the Armenian delegation called on the Turkish youth to
study the dark pages of their history and to recognize the
Genocide. According to him, the Turks’ first reaction was extremely
negative but already during their personal meetings with Armenians the
representatives of Turkish youth showed interest in this issue.

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