Word <<Armenian>> has important role in Turkish identity

Pan Armenian News


24.05.2005 06:20

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Even if today the Turkish authorties recognize they have
made mistakes toward Armenians, it will shake the whole world, stated
Editor-in-Chief of the Agos Turkish journal Hrant Dink, when commenting on
the holding of Ottoman Armenians in Period of Collapse of the Empire:
questions of scientific policy and democracy conference in Istanbul,
reported the Yerkir newspaper. Answering a question why Turkey flatly denies
the Armenian Genocide, Dink noted, `The word `Armenian’ plays an important
role in the structure of the Turkish identity. Each misfortune, event the
Kurdish problem, is connected with that word. It came to them calling
Abdullah Ocalan an Armenian,’ Dink stated. He also noted that the Turkish
authorities are concerned over another issue – where the property of
Armenian has gone.

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