Highway To Iran Via Forest Reserve: Ecologists Of Armenia Are Agains


YEREVAN, MAY 3. ARMINFO. Ecologists protest against construction of
a motor highway via Shikahogh forest reserve located on the northern
mountainside of Meghri mountain range, Kapan region, Armenia.

The Armenian branch of Regional Ecological Center Caucasus informs
ARMINFO that preservation of the landscape and biological diversity
of Shikahogh forest reserve is under question because of the
new project of Armenian Transport and Communication Ministry on
construction of a highway via Meghri mountain range in direction of
the Iranian boundary. The projects provides for construction of the
highway through Mtnadzor section of the reserve and Meghri forest
economy. The implementation of the project will lead to felling of
a unique oak forest, extermination of the population of leopards in
Armenia as well as rare types of animals included not only in the Red
Book of Armenia but also in the International Red Book. It will led
to liquidation of springs supplying water to the nearing villages etc..

Besides, ecologists say that Meghri mountain rages is known to be under
constant winds in the winter period ands the road will be filled with
snow. So the opinion that the road will be lower by 200-300 m from the
existing Kajaran pass and it will allow its uninterrupted exploitation
is wrong. REC Caucasus says that public organizations of the country
engaged in protection of environment call for preservation of this
only virgin place of nature for our generations.

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