ANKARA: Photograph exhibit on Armenian killings

Photograph exhibit on Armenian killings

Saturday, April 30, 2005

An AKP deputy and HASVAK jointly open a photo display of the
atrocities committed on Turks in 1915-1916

ANKARA – Turkish Daily News

A photo exhibition depicting atrocities inflicted by Armenians in
eastern Anatolia during 1915-1916 was opened by the Balıkesir
deputy of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), Turhan
Çömez, and the Turkish State Hospitals and Patient Aid
Foundation (HASVAK) on April 25, 2005.

The exhibit gathers photographs from the Prime Ministry’s Archives
Office, which are on display in the foyer of the Vakıfbank
General Directorate. Çömez spoke at the opening and
said, `This humble exhibit shows pictures of history that break our

Çömez explained that the 1915-1916 Armenian uprising,
provoked by the Russians and British, against the Ottoman state led to
the killings of 554,000 Muslim Turks. He said decisions to relocate
some Armenians were made after great losses. `Unwanted events were
seen during this period. No country in the world dealt with the losses
suffered by the Muslim Turks.’

Çömez said the world media was preoccupied with the
Armenian genocide allegations and the exhibit organizers wanted to
light a spark in the collective world’s mind. Some 30,000 activities
take place annually in regards to the Armenian diaspora. `It is sad
for Turkey to have difficulties in having its voice heard on a subject
where it is right.’

When asked by press members what he thought about California Governor
Arnold Schwarzenegger announcing April 24 as the Armenian Genocide
Day, he replied: `If he had done some research and found out the truth
he would not make such a decision. I do not think he is aware of the

The president of the Turkish Industrial Businessmen’s Association
(TÃ`SÄ°AV) Veli Sarıtoprak, and the president ofHASVAK
Engin Ãztürk joined by other nongovernmental organizations,
said they decided to boycott Arnold Schwarzenegger
movies. Sarıtoprak said they all would work together against
the Armenian genocide allegations so the truth can be heard.

Ãztürk said they heard about the Armenian atrocities from
their grandfathers and fathers but that the youth today is ignorant on
this subject. He then invited everyone to see the exhibit, adding that
it would be on display in other cities of the country.