ARF youth and student organizations convene in Sofia

ARF youth and student organizations convene in Sofia

11 March 05

A conference of Armenian Revolutionary Federation’s youth and student
organizations opened on March 8 in Bulgarian capital Sofia, the ARF
press service reported.

Twenty-seven delegates from 13 countries, including Armenia, Lebanon,
Iran, Syria, France, Greece, Canada and the United States, represent 4
student and 13 youth organizations of the ARF.

The conference coincides with the events being organized in Bulgaria
to mark the 100th anniversary of the ARF founder Christapor
Mikaelian’s tragic death, so the delegates will have an opportunity to
pay a visit to Mikaelian’s grave.

Christapor Mikaelian was killed in 1905 at the Mount Vitosh outside
Sofia when testing an explosive device made to assassinate Ottoman
Empire’s Sultan Hamid.

The conference, opened by ARF Bureau member Albert Ajemian, among
others, will discuss issues related to the 90th anniversary of the
Armenian Genocide. During the conference days, a group of young
people will take an oath of joining the ranks of the Armenian
Revolutionary Federation.