ARF delegation participates in PASOK congress

ARF delegation participates in PASOK congress

11 March 05

Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Bureau delegation, comprised
of Grigor Erjenian and Gaspar Karapetian, took part in the 7th
congress of the Greece Socialist Movement, PASOK.

The ARF delegation members also had brief meetings with PASOK Chairman
Yorgo Papandreus and former Greek Prime Minister Gostas Simitis.

They also met with Socialist International Chairman Antonio Gutieres
and Secretary General Luis Ayalla, who reaffirmed that the Socialist
International would implement several initiatives in the region with
the ARF.

In addition, the ARF members met with former speaker of the Greek
parliament Apostolo Kaklamanis, as well as Vasos Lisaritis, honor
chairman of the Cyprus Socialist Party, present chairman of the party
Yanakis Omiru, and others.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress