‘Victory call’

‘Victory call’
By Armine Ghazarian

25 Feb 05

This year is the 4500th anniversary of Armeniansâ~@~Y victory in the
Hyak and Bell â~@~Ys battle. In this respect, the Armenian National
Library hosted a presentation of Arsen Hambartsumianâ~@~Ys book â~@~S
â~@~Victory call.â~@~]

The editor of the book, Anahit Arpeni called it a purity, family and
motherhood source. The author expresses a greatest love and dedication
to the family, pride for the nation, its past and cultural heritage.

â~@~Analyzing the composition of the Armenian blood with a scientific
focus, he formats it in a literary drama. Researching the temporal,
shape, ethnological, and historical human nature, he discovers the
DNA of the Armenian nation.â~@~]

At the end of the book, he presents a small research of the Armenian
alphabet: relevant calculations of the 36 consonants and vowels
of the alphabet make up 366 phonemes, which matches the number of
days within a year. It could be no accident, 366 is our calendar,
which starts from the Hayk and Bell battle,â~@~] says the author.
The pupils of school after Vahan Tekeyan made a small performance on
one of the scenes of the book.

Some of the speech makers at the event were Abgar Apinian of â~@~Dar
21â~@~] company, writer Hrachia Matevosian, etcâ~@¦