Hai Dat: New stage

Hai Dat: New stage

25 Feb 05

During the past four years, under the Armenian Revolutionary Federation
(ARF) Bureau leadership, the ARF bodies were actively engaged in
political activities. The Hai Dat Committee was established in
the European Union and an office was founded first in Paris then
in Brussels.

Thus, through their everyday hard work, the offices in Brussels
and Moscow, as well as the committees in the European Union and
the European countries of the former Soviet Union, made the voices
of Armenia and the Armenians heard in the capitals, Paris, Athens,
Vilnius, Kiev, Moscow and Brussels.

The representatives of the ARF bodies and the youth organization raised
and defended the Armenian cause at the Socialist International bodies
from Geneva to Madrid, Vienna, Rome, Berlin and Sofia. The Armenian
Genocide recognition, the fair settlement of the Artsakh issue, the
rights of the Javakhk Armenians, support to the Armenian diplomacy
were the main issues on the agenda.

With the efforts of the Haid Dat committee of the European Union, a
conference on the Hai Dat and the Pro Armenia forum were held in Paris,
and the first congress of the European Armenians convened in Brussels.

Due to the professional campaigning of the Brussels office,
pro-Armenian resolutions were adopted. Also, due to enduring efforts,
the Turkish diplomacy was pushed back and pro-Armenian provisions
were secured in the EU annual report on Turkey.

After the EU decision to start accession talks with Turkey, our
struggle gained a new momentum. Turkey has voice its objectives. They
were clearly reflected in the recent statement by Turkish Foreign
Minister Abdullah Gul, who said that the fight against the recognition
of the Armenian Genocide is a priority for his government and they
would not spare funds for this goal.

We are aware of Turkey’s goals and we should address those challenges,
including making the French president and the Dutch prime minister
to respect their pledges of pressing Turkey to review its history
and recognize the Armenian Genocide.

The Hai Dat EU office should maintain the pressure and strengthen
its lobbying activities among the European decision-makers.

The above mentioned was greatly possible due to the fundraising banquet
organized four years ago in Geneva by the ARF Bureau. Donations were
made from Armenia, Middle East, Russia and Europe. On the eve of the
90th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, these activities should
be carried on in order to meet the new challenges. ARF Bureau has
decided to establish a regional Hai Dat office in the Middle East.

A banquet to raise funds for the new office will be held on February
26 in Paris. Cilicia Catholicos Aram I will chair the banquet also
to be attended by Archbishop Vache Hovsepian, representative of the
Catholicos of All Armenians, Garegin II. Armenian Foreign Minister
Vardan Oskanian will be the keynote speaker at the event.

Reports and projects to promote the above-mentioned efforts will also
be presented at the banquet. Public figures, artists and politicians
from Armenia, Russian, Europe and Middle East have been invited to
attend the banquet.