BAKU:”Int’l assistance needed to arraign Khojaly massacre perpetrato

“Int’l assistance needed to arraign Khojaly massacre perpetrators”

Assa-Irada, Azerbaijan
Feb 28 2005

Baku, February 25, AssA-Irada

The chief perpetrators of the Khojaly massacre of Azerbaijanis
committed by Armenians in 1992 have yet to be held responsible. The
world community’s assistance is needed in this, the President’s adviser
on national affairs Hidayat Orujov told a Friday news conference
dedicated to the 13th anniversary of the tragedy.

Orujov said that law enforcement are currently investigating the
actions perpetrated by the criminals responsible for the massacre
in Armenia, Upper Garabagh and Moscow. Some of the criminal cases
have already been disclosed, while extensive information needs to be
ascertained with regard to others. The Azeri government is doing its
utmost in this area, he said.

Orujov added that if the number of countries that recognize and
become aware of the massacre increases, this would accelerate and
facilitate catching, bringing these criminals to Azerbaijan and
holding them accountable.*