Awaiting new revolution, political forces define goals and formats

Awaiting new revolution, political forces define goals and formats
By Karine Mangasarian

25 Feb 05

Today, revolutionary rumors have re-activated in Armenia. And
now everybody knows that Aram Karapetian of â~@~New Timesâ~@~]
is taking the lead over the April revolution. Who believes in this
revolution? Can it take place in Armenia? And eventually why is Aram
Karapetian appropriating all the opposition functions?

Chairman of the â~@~Republicâ~@~] party political council Albert
Bazeyan says that those who are preparing for a revolution must
say whether there are pre-conditions for it or not. As to the
â~@~Republicâ~@~] party, Bazeyan says it has not received any
invitation fro Aram Karapetian, but if it does, it will consider
possible collaboration and format.

Leader of Constitutional Right Union Hrant Khachatrian believes
that the nation will only support a revolution, if it feels that
it is not guided by an external force. Khachatrian believes that
Karapetian̢~@~Ys term ̢~@~S revolution Рdescribes the speed
of changing the situation. Khachatrian does not exclude possible
participation in the revolution, if a serious project and suggestion
be offered.

Non-parliamentary forces are not so inspired by Karapetianâ~@~Ys
revolutionary initiative. Leader of the New Communist Party Yura
Manukian says that â~@~ revolution is not a childâ~@~Ys play. It is
a serious programmatic approach to changing the social system. And
relevant ideology today have only Communists and Dashnaks. Other calls
for revolution can only destabilize the situation in our country.â~@~]

He believes that revolution is not about replacing personalities but
about offering new programs. The communist leader advises against
relying on the â~@~ semi-determinedâ~@~] external forces.

And the leader of the National Accord party Aram Harutiunian compares
the revolutionary initiative with learning to play chess for the
first time. He says: â~@~Today, some of the Armenian politicians
are like some of the chess figures, who want to get quickly to the
place of a king. I cannot understand Aram Karapetian.

Of course, we have a number of social, economic and political problems
like illegitimate authorities today, but one should not go for sport
euphoria on the political stage. There are issue, but they need
projects to improve the situation.â~@~]

And leader of Republican faction Galust Sahakian seems to be
unserious about the revolutionary moods. He said: â~@~In regards to
the timelines, I trust Vladimir Ilyich Lenin who did not expose any
dates until the very revolution.â~@~]