Karabakh Does Not Violate The Geneve Convention



Masis Mayilyan, the Nagorno Karabakh deputy Minister of Foreign
affairs, has received Mrs. Isabelle Barras, head of the Red Cross
International Committee Easter Europe Activities.

It was in 1993 that Nagorno Karabakh unilaterally jointed the Geneva
convention and according to Mayilyan is carrying out his
responsibilities. Isabelle Barras was glad to hear that saying that it
will be ground to continue the cooperation in the humanitarian field.

During the meeting the RCIC memorandum about the people missing in the
Karabakh war presented to both parties has been discussed. Mrs. Barras
has mentioned that the solution of the problem of missing people is
delayed due to the fact that the conflict has not been settled. She
underlined that the agreement of the parties to the main point of the
memorandum will make it possible to achieve positive results.

Isabelle Barras has also met Seyran Ohanyan, NK Minister of Defense,
and Victor Kocharyan, head of the NK State Committee of prisoners of
war and people missing in action.