Egoyan struggles to make Cannes deadline

Toronto Star,Canada
Feb 9, 2005

Egoyan struggles to make Cannes deadline

Atom Egoyan is running out of time to participate at this year’s
Cannes Film Festival, and it’s all because he can’t stop the music.

The Toronto filmmaker is in post-production for his new movie Where
the Truth Lies, a murder whodunit starring Kevin Bacon, Colin Firth
and Alison Lohman. The film was expected to be a leading contender
for Canada’s chief flag bearer at the annual Cannes fest in May.

“I’m not so sure we’re going to be ready for Cannes,” he said in an
interview yesterday. “Because there’s a lot of music involved.
There’s a ton of stuff that has to be settled in terms of
post-production. It’s tricky. It’s a much trickier post than the
other films.”

The entry deadline “is coming right up,” Egoyan said, he didn’t
specify the date, “so we have to make a decision soon.”

But even if Egoyan misses the deadline, he might still be accepted as
a late entry, which is not unknown at Cannes.

He is popular with Cannes festival selectors, who have often chosen
his films for the main competition or sidebar programs. In 1997,
Egoyan’s The Sweet Hereafter won the second-prize Grand Prix at

– Peter Howell