OSCE Office signs memo w/ Armenian DM on elimination of rocket fuel

Feb 23 2005

OSCE Office signs memorandum with Armenian Defence Ministry on
elimination of rocket fuel component stocks

YEREVAN, 23 February 2005 – A memorandum of understanding on the
elimination of rocket fuel component stocks in Armenia was signed
yesterday in Yerevan by the Head of the OSCE Office in Yerevan,
Ambassador Vladimir Pryakhin, and the Minister of Defence of Armenia
and Secretary of the National Security Council, Serzh Sargssian.

These rocket fuel components, known as melange, represent a
considerable environmental risk after prolonged storage, in addition
to the inherent security risk.

Following an official request from Armenia in April 2004 for
technical and financial support for the recycling of 872 tons of
melange, the Office arranged for international experts to advise on
the environmentally sound recycling of the chemicals.

The method of neutralizing the melange chosen by the OSCE will result
in the added positive by-product of a liquid fertilizer for use by
Armenia’s farmers.

“The Office will continue to support this important activity, which
aims to improve both the environment and the security of the Armenian
population,” said Ambassador Pryakhin at the signing ceremony. “It is
also an example of fruitful co-operation between the OSCE and the
Government of Armenia”.

Defence Minister Sargssian praised the active co-operation with the
OSCE Office and thanked the OSCE participating States for their
valuable technical support and financial contributions.

The project is financed by the Governments of the United States,
Germany, Finland, as well as Canada, which contributed through the
OSCE-UNDP-UNEP Environment and Security Initiative to the initial
stage of the project, successfully completed last year.

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