February: justice

February: justice

February 18, 2005

February has a really special symbolism for the Armenian reality. The
dispersing of the February revolt of 1921 is followed by the wakening
of the Karabagh movement in 1988. In both cases Armenians revolted
against injustice. The hope for and belief in justice is the last
harbor that cannot be neglected.

Armenians, being deprived of statehood for centuries on, dreamed of
having a native authority, picturing in it the guarantee for their
rights and freedom. They have been ready for any hardship on this
way. However, the self-restraint and the ability to stand up to
hardships acquires meaning only when the state and authorities turn
this national attitude into a political route, raising the overall
state-nation potential, turning it into a will, aimed at general

Today, like never before, we need social tolerance and unity. The
world is changing every day. We face new issues and challenges every
day, which we can solve only in case we preserve the ability to
maintain our statehood and mast our destiny. Today’s challenges
concern everyone, starting with authorities to regular citizens. Thus,
each of us should try to contribute to their solution.

The meaning and content of statehood are measured by the criteria of
raising the people’s level of living and security. And each of us,
people should account for his/her contribution to this cause before
giving characteristics to the current situation. All this becomes
meaningful only by social justice. This justice must prevail in
political, economic, legal and social fields.