Remaining Faithful to Ideas of 1988


22 Feb 05

The National Assembly of Nagorno Karabakh made a statement on occasion
of the Day Artsakh’s Revival (Feb. 20) reaffirming the resolution of
building a democratic state on the bases of Nagorno Karabakh people’s
right of self-determination and sticking to the track of the OSCE
Minsk group peace talks.

The statement appeals to the Azerbaijani authorities to give up the
myopic policy of confrontation and to make efforts to establish peace,
stability, trust and tolerance in the region. Meanwhile, believing
that the world community will appreciate Artsakh people’s efforts to
build a jural state andcivil society, the statement calls for
parliaments of all countries to support Nagorno Karabakh Republic’s

The Day of Artsakh’s Revival was celebrated in Stepanakert with young
people and school children rallying on the Victory Square. “To
Complete Victory in Elders’ Footsteps” was the youth’s
slogan. Participants of historic events, rector of Artsakh State
University Hamlet Grigorian, poet Hrachya Beglarian, held speech
before people calling for the youth to keep to the ideas of national
self-determination aroused in 1988.

Soon after the multitude headed for the Stepanakert Memorial of
freedom fighters to pay tribute. The arrangements of the day continued
as the Officer’s Home aired films on Artsakh movement. A concert at
the Youth’s Cultural Home closed the day.

The national liberation movement set off as the Regional Council took
its historic decision on the 20th special session of Autonomic Region
of Nagorno Karabakh on February 20 of 1988. The people of Artsakh
proved its right of existence having underwent numerous trails. That
very Council leads today’s generation to the complete fulfillment of
their dreams.

By Kim Gabrielian in Stepanakert