Prices For Bread Slided


Azat Artsakh – Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR)
19 Feb 05

The NKR National Statistics Service reported a slide of prices
for bread on the consumer market. According to the results of the
monitoring conducted on February 1 â~@~S 10, 2005 the price for 1
kg of all kinds of white bread was 217 drams against 281 drams in
September 2004. A kg of big matnakash bread cost 196 drams against
289 drams in September and the price for a kg of small matnakash
bread was 224 drams against 283. The average price for one kg of
flour of superior quality and first class totaled 195 and 170 drams
respectively and had not changed since the last monitoring, whereas
the price for a kg of bread decreased by 22.8 per cent. During the last
ten days the average price for a kg of loafs of bread of second class
was 201 drams against 253, a kg of round bread cost 263 drams against
294 and lavash cost 539 drams against 567. The average price for one
kg of bread was reduced at the expense of profits of bread producers.

AA. 19-02-2005