Panic In Azerbaijan After The Valuations Of The Fact-Collectors



“It can be noticed in the last few days that the Azerbaijani
party, especially with the lips of Araz Azimov, inventing imaginary
combinations, tries to complicate matters”, Hamlet Gasparyan, Press
Secretary of the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in an interview
to the agency “Regnum”. “In this case they are apparently worried
by the primary valuations of the fact-collectors which of course do
not satisfy the demands of Azerbaijan, so they try to bring about
problems not connected with the reality”.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Gasparyan has commented on the
announcement of Araz Azimov, Deputy minister of foreign affairs of
Azerbaijan, that “Azerbaijan government excludes the possibility of
discussing the problem of the opening of a pass between Armenia and
Nagorno Karabakh”. By the way, Mr. Gasparyan has also answered the
question whether the negotiating parties discuss the connection of
Azerbaijan with Nakhijevan and that of Armenia with Nagorno Karabakh
on the same level.

“Ignore as we do suchlike announcements on Azerbaijan’s part, in order
for the society not to be confuse, we must say that Nakhijevan does
not have a communication problem and it cannot be on the same level
with Karabakh. Nakhijevan communicates with other countries without
difficulty. The problems concerns Nagorno Karabakh and the results
of the conflict and from this point of view the condition of Lachin
cannot be put on the same level with other problems.”