OSCE Office presents study on development of Armenia’s remote Syunik

OSCE Office presents study on development of Armenia’s remote Syunik province

Feb 11 2005

The remote Syunik province of Armenia. (Photo OSCE)

YEREVAN, 11 February 2005 – The OSCE Office in Yerevan yesterday
presented the report of a year-long study of the social-economic
development of Armenia’s most remote province, Syunik.

“There is a certain progress in Armenia’s development towards a
free market economy, however there is still a lot to be done in the
regions,” said Ambassador Vladimir Pryakhin, Head of the OSCE Office
in Yerevan. “The poverty and unemployment levels remain quite high,
particularly in remote regions of the country”.

The findings of the report were presented to representatives of the
government and parliament, international and donor organizations,
the diplomatic corps, as well as business associations and NGOs.

The study began in 2003 when the OSCE Office organized a forum where
representatives of the province gathered to discuss the current
situation and problems facing the region, and outlined potential
solutions. A working group was organized to assist a professional
consulting company in preparing the study.

The paper reveals major social and economic problems in the province,
identifies priorities and suggests solutions and potential business

“The report will allow the Government to follow a more systematic
approach towards Syunik’s development,” said Vache Terterian, Deputy
Minister of Regional Administration. “I believe we can soon see the
results of this exercise”.

The OSCE Office also supported the publication of the “Syunik Yellow
Pages”, a business directory, which will help the local population,
entrepreneurs as well as investors from other parts of Armenia and
the world to get a better idea about opportunities and business
partners here.

The Office considers the strengthening of socio-economic stability
as a key pillar for the country’s sustainable development and security.

For further information, please contact:

Gohar Avagyan OSCE Office in Yerevan 89 Teryan St. 375009, Yerevan
Armenia Tel.: +374 1 54 10 62 +374 1 54 58 45 Fax: +374 1 54 10 61

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