A New Stage, Unfavorable For Armenia,Has Started In Settlement Of Ka


YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 7. ARMINFO. A new stage, unfavorable for the
Armenian party, has started in the process of settlement of the
Karabakh conflict, says the statement of the Political Council of
“Hanrapetutyun” party received by ARMINFO, Monday.

According to the statement, the new stage aims resolution of the
conflict through involvement of influential international organizations
and structures into the process. The UN, PACE have already been
involved into the process, the US Department of State has already
announced its official position on the Karabakh problem. At the
same time, inviolability of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan
is mentioned, there are even approaches ruling out the right of
Nagorny Karabakh for self-determination. The current realities are
connected with alleged “ethnic purges” carried out by Armenians. The
NKR authorities are called “criminalized” or “separatists,” Armenia
faces direct accusation of occupation of Azerbaijan’s territories. In
the light of the aforementioned, the failure of the Armenian foreign
policy and diplomacy is evident. The approaches of the Armenian party
are not understood and protected by international structures. The
assurance of the pro-governmental camp in Armenia that all the
aforementioned cannot have any serious consequences and that the
body engaged in settlement of the conflict is OSCE Minsk Group are
not serous. The OSCE MG operates in conformity with instructions of
the UN collecting facts on settlement of the seven territories under
control of NKR Armed Forces, the party says.

The authors of the statement say that as a result of the shortsighted
policy and irresponsibility of the authoritative international
organizations replacing each other form political and legal bases for
settlement of the conflict, which they will use to exert pressure on
the intractable conflicting parties to interfere into the process in
future. The Armenian people may face an alternative of the forced
agreement on settlement of the conflict or a beginning of war. The
present authorities, which maintenance of the existence and vanity is
characteristic to, are unable to correct the situation. They will try
to deceive the public, concealing their failure behind the patriotic
feelings of the people. Only democratic Armenia, a power enjoying
a full trust of the people, is able to restore the just peace, the
party says.