The President Of “Armenia-Lada” Killed


A1 Plus | 13:52:51 | 07-02-2005 | Social |

Rafael Shahmouradyan, the President of ┬źArmenia-Lada┬╗, was killed in
Tolyati, Russia. It might be useful to remind that on May 24 last
year Shahmouradyan’s life was made an attempt on. He was shot from
a car of ┬źNIVA┬╗ mark.

Rafael Shahmouradyan, whose survival was like a miracle, said after
coming to his senses that he had serious doubts that the organizer of
the attempt was Andranik Manoukyan, RA Minister of Transportation and
stockholder of ┬źArmenia-Lada┬╗. On June 2 last year Andranik Manoukyan
had said in an interview to the newspaper “Aravot”, “The accusation
has no connection to reality”.