The Kurdish State Will Emerge – if USA is Willing


4 Feb 05

The Iraqi parliamentary elections were launched to set a national
assembly of 275 lawmakers that would choose a president and two
vice-presidents of the country from among its members and the latter
would chose a prime minister.The primary task of the would-be national
assembly is to prepare a draft constitution that will be voted on
October 15.

In case the constitution passes new parliamentary elections will be
held in Iraq on December 15 that will form the executive and the
legislature on the constitutional basis.

In other words the elections are important as regards the Iraqi
constitution and the constitution is vital for Iraq’s political
future. If the Iraqi constitution turns Iraqi state into federation
that will put the country onthe edge of falling apart.

A referendum held along with the elections on January 30 in 4 Kurdish
cities of Northern Iraq showed that 99.5 percent of population demands
independence. Masut Barzani, president of Democratic Party of
Kurdistan, made an interesting statement regarding Kurdish
population’s orientation. Turkish Yeni Shafaq newspaper informed on
January 31 that Barzani met journalists in Salahaddinwhere he stated
that there is no such question if a Kurdish state will be created but
when will it be created. `Kirkuk’s identity is Kurdish.Neither Turkey
nor any other state has the right to draw conclusions about Kirkuk or
any other Iraqi state’.

Barzani’s words caused Turkey’s active confrontation. Chairman of
Turkish parliament, Byulent Arnc, called Barzani arrogant noting that
the American has petted him. Apparently Arnc’s words missed the point
as Barzani made his second statement on February 3: `Independence is
inevitable; demand for independence is the most natural right of
Kurdish people’. A Kurdish politician and foreign minister of Iraqi
temporary government, Khoshyar Zebar, added to Barzani’s words:
`Hopefully the Iraqi Kurdistan will become Europe’s neighbor in near

Regardless of Barzani’s and Zebar’s views, America’s position and
plans for Iraq’s reconstruction will be decisive. Turkish foreign
minister Abdullah Gul who is paying an official visit to China
declared in Beijing on February 2:` The US has to take tough measures
to neutralize insurgency in Northern Iraq’. Meanwhile he reminded
that Turkey stands for Iraq’s territorial integrity.

Condoleezza Rice, US Secretary of State, who is going to visit Ankara
on February 5, will possibly discuss the issue of Kurdish state as
well as issues concerning Iraq’s reconstruction with Abdullah Gul.

By Hakob Chakrian

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress