Press Conference Cancelled Due to Zhvania’s Death

A1 Plus | 14:55:44 | 03-02-2005 | Politics |


his morning Chairman of the Armenian-Georgian Business Association, NA
deputy Vladimir Badalyan was taking in demulcents instead of taking
part in the press conference scheduled for today, as he was shocked by
Zurab Zhvania’s death. Badalyan and Zhvania last met several days ago
and today’s press conference should have been devoted to the work
carried out by Vladimir Badalyan.

Upon completion of the sitting of the Armenian-Russian Business
Cooperation held January 19-28 in Rostov-on-Don the Armenian deputy
paid a call to Georgia and discussed the Armenian-Georgian economic
relations with Zurab Zhvania. It is known that the Armenian-Georgian
relationships are partly connected with the exploitation of ferries to
relieve the cargo transportation with Armenia under the conditions of
blockade. Vladimir Badalyan is absolutely sure that Zhvania was
interested in the resolving of the above-mentioned problems. By the
way, according to the program schedule, 5 ferries were to start
functioning between the port of Poti and Caucasus before this August.

RA officials perceive that Zurab Zhvania’s death will reflect on
Armenia. However, at the moment the members of the Association prefer
not to forecast the further development of Armenian-Georgian
relations. Association Chairman Vladimir Badalyan is to depart for
Georgia to be present at the Prime Minister’s funeral. Only after that
the further activities of the Armenian-Georgian Business Association
will be clarified.