Tbilisi: Armenia political fortunetellers optimistic

The Messenger, Georgia
Jan 28 2005

Armenia political fortunetellers optimistic

According to the Armenian newspaper Novoye Vremia, recent discussions
at the National Press Club show that despite the variety of
assessments of the domestic political situation in the country,
Armenia’s local opposition and its coalition leaders are rather
The leader of the party “Union – Constitutional Right” and MP from
“Ardarutiun,” Grant Khachatrian, says he is certain that they ought
to expect some confrontations between the authorities and the
opposition and he called on both groups for greater mutual
However, the leader of the Democratic Party Aram Sarkisian, the paper
states, “was more radically disposed and determined that the new
terms of the change of power in the republic, a change forecast for
September 2005.” He thinks that by autumn the opposition should
“solve its issues,” implying a political upheaval.
The leader of the People’s Party and the head of the TV holding
“ALM,” Tigran Karapetian, is less pessimistic about the political
future of the country: “Parliament will be not dismissed and the
coalition will not be split as well.” But he thinks that the
opposition will be split into 3 or 4 units. He is sure that the
“attempts of radicals” to gain favor with the West “will not lead to
anything.” Still Karapetiasn supports greater cooperation between the
government and the opposition.
Independent MP Gamlet Arutiunian stressed for some times that he is
“professionally qualified specialist in the diplomatic relations” and
stated that none of the revolution will take place in 2005 in Armenia
. “There are none of the pre-conditions for this.”