London Mayor Ken Livingstone on the Armenian Genocide

Campaign for Recognition of the
Armenian Genocide (CRAG) /
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28 January 2005

** London Mayor Ken Livingstone on the Armenian Genocide **

Yesterday, as part of the weekly BBC1 television programme ‘Question
Time’ (10:35 pm-11:35 pm), David Dimbleby as Chair of the programme
invited a studio audience in Croydon to put their questions to a panel
that also comprised the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone.

During a discussion of the Jewish Holocaust, Mayor Ken Livingston
addressed the issue of the importance of history and declared how
Hitler, embarking upon the Holocaust, had stated, “Who now remembers
the Armenians”. The Mayor also added that Armenians were victims of
the 20th Century’s first genocide.

CRAG will make the necessary contacts, but for those who watched the
programme, you can also respond to the Audience question of the
programme: ‘What are the lessons for us when we remember Auschwitz?’
by writing to the BBC. Simply log on the BBC web-link and take it from