“Club of Political Dispute” Negatively Evals Amendments to New Law


YEREVAN, January 28 (Noyan Tapan). The law “On Parties,” in essence,
froze the desperate situation formed in this sphere and closes the way
to formation of new political forces. Vigen Khachatrian, a member of
the “Club of Political Dispute,” declared this during the discussion
of the amendments to the law “On Parties” organized on January 27 in
the club. According to him, under the formed conditions when really
the parliament and parties don’t form the executive power and aren’t
able to control it effectively the amendment introduced to the law
gives new levers for control over the parties to the executive power.
Khachatrian also said that this “innovation” will contribute to
strengthening of monopoly positions of pro-governmental parties.

According to him, the amendments introduced to the law are really
aimed at limitation of political competition as the most important
condition of modern democracy. “Not encouraging but hampering
principles are the basis of the amendments.” In Khachatrian’s opinion,
the main provision of the Constitution, according to which the parties
are free to be formed and contribute to formation of political life of
the country, should be fixed and developed in the law. According to
another proposal of the speaker, they should introduce additions to
the law taking into consideration the demand of Article 7 of the
Constitution, according to which the structure and work of the parties
can’t contradict the democratic principles. According to Vigen
Khachatrian, the law badly reflects the mechanisms that will provide
fulfilment of the constitutional demand regarding publicity of
financial activity of parties. Samvel Nikoyan, an MP, a member of the
“Republican Party of Armenia” faction, and Stepan Zakarian, an MP, a
member of the “Ardarutiun” (“Justice”) faction, made reports during
the discussion.