Armenia Against Turkey’s Mediation


YEREVAN, JANUARY 27. ARMINFO. Turkey has an erroneous idea of Nagorny
Karabakh and Armenian-Azeri relations, Armenia’s FM Vardan Oskanyan
says in an interview to Zaman (Turkey).

Ankara dos not or does not want to perceive the gist of the
problem. The Karabakh conflict is not a territorial dispute between
Armenia and Azerbaijan. The Karabakh Armenians are struggling for
their independence. They do not want to be citizens of Azerbaijan and
part of that country. Presently they are building up their own
independent state. Before the Karabakh conflict no single Azeri
territory was controlled by the Armenians. All this is the result of
the conflict.

Oskanyan says that Armenia cannot accept Turkey’s intermediation as
Ankara is Baku’s ally and supports it everywhere. Asked about the
possibility of withdrawal of troops from the controlled territories
Oskanyan says that Nagorny Karabakh has always been an Armenian
land. As for the other controlled districts this issue should be
settled by Nagorny Karabakh and Azerbaijan.