32 refugee families move to new apartments


Dec 8 2004

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 8, ARMENPRESS: Another 32 refugee families have
moved today in new apartments built by YMCA company on funds made
available by the UNHCR Yerevan agency. The new block of flats have
24 one-room and 8 two-room apartments. Until now these families lived
in two local hostels. Another block of apartments is being built now
by the Norwegian refugee Council (NRC). It will provide another 28
families with apartments.

According to Gagik Yeganian, the head of a government-affiliated
department for refugees and migrants, the first condition for refugees’
integration is having an apartment. Until now this problem has been
solved with the help of international donor organizations. However,
the government has approved a $17 million worth program for building
apartments and cottages for refugees. When accomplished it will help
some 3,400 families to improve their housing conditions.

Yet another 19 families of refugees will get cottages in three villages
of Ararat province in 2-3 days, built by the NRC. But still 11,000
refugee families face this problem. Until now the UNHCR have built
3,500 apartments and cottages for refugees with the help of the NRC.

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