Tbilisi: Unlimited electricity for Tbilisi

The Messenger, Georgia
Nov 15 2004

Unlimited electricity for Tbilisi

Deputy Minister of Energy Aleko Khetaguri stated at a press
conference on Friday that Tbilisi will receive electricity without
limitations, and that the ministry will take all measures to continue
importing electricity from Russia and Armenia.
Meanwhile, Director General of Telasi Dangiras Mikolayunas applied to
the National Energy Regulation Commission (GNERC) to return the
license to import electricity from Armenia which was stripped from
Telasi two weeks ago. Mikolayunas told GNERC at a meeting on Friday
that they should study a letter from Energy Ombudsman David Ebrelidze
to the General Prosecutor’s Office, which blames Telasi of concluding
an “unfavorable” agreement with Armenia.
Mikolyunas said the Commission must decide whether to give the
license to Telasi or not after studying this letter.